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Cost of Services

Setup Fee

There is a one time setup fee required to onboard all clients.  Included is a dedicated webpage, video link, and proprietary meeting number.

Monthly Fee

There is a monthly fee per account.  One account is entitled to 1 main room and up to 3 caucus rooms.

Session Fee

There is a fee each time you conduct a hearing, mediation sessions. This includes access to all rooms, online document signing & whiteboard capabilities.

Tech Support

There is dedicated tech support if required.

The Conflict Resolution Place video courtroom platform is the most technologically advanced online platform in the marketplace today.  It can recreate a face to face courtroom appearance or mediation session in a secure, encrypted online environment. 

This platform allows for video to be used for the following:

1) Joint session before a judge, arbitrator or mediator

2) Individual online breakout rooms

3) Private chat conversations

4) Online signing of documents

5) 100% confidential and securely encrypted video connection

6) Recorded sessions in place of a court reporter

What are its uses?

This platform can be used by the courts to handle an overflow of court appearances when space and judicial resources are limited.  In the situation of overcrowded courts, our video technology can be used for consent items, adjournment requests and simple motions.  These items can be heard by judges in other jurisdictions via video link whose court docket has space for additional work.  This system allows for a reallocation of existing judicial resources without having to hire more people and frees up resources to allow judges to hear the more complex cases in a traditional courtroom setting.

For mediations and simple arbitrations, they can all take place online in a secure environment.  There is no need to pay for parking, a mediation facility and other costs plus it saves time for legal representatives.

How easy is it use?

In a word….. SIMPLE.  All that is required is a webcam, laptop/desktop computer and a minimum speed of 5 MBS.  That’s it!!!  You log onto a website. Enter a preselected password and you are now connected.  For the adjudicator, there are easy to use controls which allows you to manage the session and an ability to record and save the proceedings if desired.

If there is a technical problem, we have support staff available 24/7 to answer your questions and help get you connected.

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